At Wolfe GMC Buick, a division of the Wolfe Automotive Group, we understand the importance and desire of keeping your vehicle look like new for the life of the vehicle. It is not only a sense of pride, but applying our vehicle protection products can also extend the life of your vehicle and increase resale value. We offer a wide selection of products so that you can find the ones that work for you and your budget.

Ceramic Coating

Repels Water and Contaminants

Ceramic coating starts with a full exterior power polish. This is to ensure that when the ceramic coating is applied, the vehicle looks its absolute best. It is also important for the coating process to ensure a smooth and sparkling final product. By applying ceramic coating, water and contaminants will just bead right off the vehicle.

Paint Protection Film

Protect The Exterior From Rock Chips

Paint protection film can be installed wherever there is paint including the hood, bumper fenders, mirror caps, and more. This unique film is nearly invisible once installed but provides qualities to protect the vehicle from rock chips and other debris.

Undercoat Protection

Protects The Underside From Rust

Alberta winters can be hard on vehicles. Give them some added protection with undercoating. It is specifically designed to seal out salt and moisture which will keep your vehicle in like-new condition.

Extended Warranty

Protects You When You Need It Most

Find added peace of mind with an extended warranty. Depending on the year and condition of your vehicle, there may be more than one extended warranty plan available to you. Plans can be chosen for how you drive. Coverage items can include engine, transmission, and transfer case, as well as electrical components and more.

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