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Top 5 Winter Accessories

When the weather gets colder, having a car that is ready for winter is a must. Once you have your winter tires on your vehicle and your ice scraper in an easy-to-reach location, it's time to think about the winter accessories that will not only warm you up but make getting into the vehicle and getting on your way easier. These accessories made our top-5 list, but there are many more that were close contenders. The best part? Many of these accessories can be added aftermarket if your vehicle didn't come with the accessory standard.

1. Remote Start*

On a cold morning, or even a cold evening after a day of work, remote start allows you to climb into a warm vehicle. From the other perspective, remote start may help warm the vehicle up enough that you can open the doors that may have become frozen shut overnight due to the extreme Edmonton cold. This feature can either be optioned into the build when you are deciding which vehicle you want to buy and can be found as an aftermarket accessory. If a remote start system was not optioned into the build, you may be able to get a remote start as a genuine accessory or from a third-party supplier. If insulated garage doors aren't an option for you, then a remote starter is a must for a more comfortable winter season.

2. Intelligent Access/Proximity key

When you get out to your car, it is a very common occurrence to have somehow misplaced the keys from the last time you locked the vehicle. With intelligent access or a proximity key, you don’t have to take off your gloves and go digging for a key, you can simply click the button on the door handle, and as long as the key is close enough (even if it is still hiding in a purse or pocket) you can get into the vehicle.

3. Heated Seats*

Warmed-up seats make getting from point A to point B more comfortable. In some GM vehicles, there is the option to click a button and turn on a heated seat back or a full heated seat depending on what you like. An added bonus to this feature is that it can be paired with remote start allowing you to get into a vehicle that is warm with heated seats already activated.

4. Heated Steering Wheel

Warm hands not only make you more comfortable but also allow you to have a better hold on the steering wheel while driving. The option of a heated steering wheel makes those frost winter mornings a little more bearable seeing as you can’t hold your coffee mug and drive.

5. Heated Side Mirrors

Front and rear defrost is almost a given in 2020. What isn’t always included with those two features is heated side mirrors. It is easy enough to scrape the ice and snow off of your vehicle only to hop in and realize those pesky side view mirrors still have a layer of condensation covering them. Side view mirrors provide a tremendous amount of visibility and help remove blind spots when driving, so having them clear makes driving, at any time of year, just a little bit better. While some vehicles may have a separate button or symbol when the side mirrors are heated, the button is usually built into the rear defrost.

Options marked with an * are available as an aftermarket accessory. If you are thinking about adding in some winter accessories to your ride or are looking for a vehicle that is winter-ready, Wolfe GMC Buick is here to help. Call us today to find a solution that works for you!


Our Top 5 Winter Driving Accessories - Wolfe GMC Buick

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